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07-09-21 In Thriving Relationships It's Little Things that Matter Most

Have you ever noticed that flourishing in your relationships makes or breaks one's whole life? Ken and Yetta discuss why it is the smallest of gestures either done or left undone that shows the true health of a relationship. Expand your relationships and love by knowing which things said or unsaid make the biggest impact.

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07-02-21 Grow Wealth through the Insignificant

Trading one thing for another thing is something we do pretty much every moment of the day. Whether trading your time for money when we go to work Or we trade money for the thing we want to have. Have you ever considered you could trade a seemingly insignificant thing for a very significant thing, like a coffee for a house or even a red paperclip for a house. Or structure your mortgage payments a little differently and get your mortgage paid off 7 years early. Or maybe it is as simple as working with ⅓% of an increase and seeing it multiple exponentially over time. Learn how a a tiny insignificant thing has the ability to absolutely be the huge significant thing.

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06-25-21 Vitality Is a Choice

Vitality is simple, light and yet quite multi faceted. Is it time to admit that leisure can both decrease and increase stress? Not all leisure is created equal. Have you ever been relaxing in front of a movie and found your adrenaline racing even faster than when you were at work? Have you ever been intentional and taken recovery time before you needed it? Have you ever, like me, thought that taking a vacation was a big waste of time until it was forced upon you? Have you ever waited too long to chill and ended up in an accident or in a hospital bed? Experiencing vitality isn’t only about our choices, yet to a significant degree it is. Have you discovered that the seemingly insignificant is often the significant?

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06-18-21 Have a Job or a Business, Which Is Best...or Is it Best to Have Both?

Some say if you have a passion then start a business. Other’s say if you start a business you have to lose the job and others say it is wisest to start the business and keep the job as an investor. Yet others say why would you ever sign up to work double time by starting a business, keep the job and forget the business as that is much better. Yet others say that a self-employed business person has just made a job for himself, only there is no guarantee of a pay cheque. Determining what is best for you regardless of what they say now is where the real fun begins and the hard work too. As business owners and entrepreneurs for pretty much all our adult lives, which is now a really long time, it is fun and time to open up the conversation of business owner or employed or dare I say it again, both.

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06-11-21 Relationships Are the Best and the Worst

Relationships are in general the best things about life, and at times the most demanding things in life too. Have you ever thought: This relationship is fantastic, and it is going to last a lifetime, and then it didn’t last? Or, this is the friendship that will take us into our old age, and 2 years later it is no more? Although there are many ways to feel about a relationship that doesn’t stay intact like you thought it would, it can be helpful to be aware that they were not all meant to go on and on. It is said we have the capacity to have about 150 casual relationships at one time and only a handful of deep and meaningful ones. In this episode, we explore three basic types of relationships; 1. Those that give our life SPARK. 2. Those that give our life PURPOSE (and the one we tend to think they should all be), and 3. Those that give our life TIME. Is it time to be released from the pressure of deciding what a relationship will be and allow them to ebb and flow with grace and ease? What if you were simply grateful for every relationship that you have experienced? What would life be life if you saw the gift that is found in each relationship?

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