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09-10-21 Who You HANG With Matters...More Than You THINK!

Do you remember your parents saying to you, or maybe you said it to your kids, “Be careful about who you hang out with because you will become like them.” I sure do and I thought there would be a time in life that I would outgrow being impacted so significantly by the attitudes and actions of those that I spend time with. We have a tendency to think the company we keep only makes us who we are, when we are kids. Have you ever noticed that all of a sudden you had a new attitude or behaviour that was out of character for you? Have you ever had a close friend say, “you are in my head and I sounded just like you?” Have you ever found yourself in a bad mood and wondered how that was possible because you had had a fabulous day? Together we’ll explore how to choose the right ones to hang with no matter what our age is and even how to be the right one to hang with.

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09-03-21 Absolutely Done...Understanding What the Issue Is

Do you think about things at night that bug you to the point of not sleeping well? Can you list in your head a multitude of things that you are putting up with? Let's look at what is taking your sleep and your joy and a few simple steps to move you from where you are to where you desire to be. Maybe you have the Desire to Own and you are absolutely done paying someone else’s mortgage? Or maybe it is time for someone else to buy you a house. Knowing where to look for help is such an integral part of reaching the goal you are after. Let’s consider that who you choose to journey with and who you choose to trust sets you up for failure or success.

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08-27-21 Why Timing Will Make You or Break You

Have you ever found yourself certain that you have the best idea ever and you couldn’t wait to share it with your favourite person in the world? Have you found yourself with a question that you know your partner will have the perfect answer to? You know that they will be super impressed with your idea and that they will be thrilled to help you with the answer to your opportunity. Then instead they yell at you or worse give you that dreaded glare. In this episode we’ll explore what you can do so that when you share your idea or ask your question it will bring you not only great answers, move you toward your dreams, you’ll increase the joy, fun and harmony in your relationship.

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08-20-21 Winning Bigger in Your Personal Finances w/ Suzan Hart

Are you thrilled with the amount of money you keep and how you use the money you earn? The guides we have used have set the stage for the financial results we have been getting. Is it time for a new experienced guide that can help you overwrite the impact of previous not great financial guides? On today's episode of Life's Inside Track, Ken and Yetta Dekker speak with Mindset Mastery Mentor, Suzan Hart. Whatever financial results you have been getting will continue unless your currently held myths and beliefs are changed. Once your beliefs are set up to make the best use of money, your actions and results will follow. That is a promise. Learn more about Mindset Mastery and book a call with Suzan Hart at

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08-13-21 How A Relationship Guide Can Benefit Us

The best and worst thing about life is often found in the condition of our relationships. Going at it alone to figure out what works and what doesn’t work within your relationships is a long and painful journey. There are some general gender oriented relational truths that guides have taught us and saved us from much heartache and financial ruin. Having a guide to journey alongside us has been the contributor to incredible and fulfilling relationships of all kinds. Ok, so not one guide, it seems to have taken many guides to strengthen, heal and flourish in relationships. We’ll learn where to find the right guides for you, and that some guides are closer than you could possibly have imagined.

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