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11-19-21 My Debt is Too Great...Building Wealth is Unthinkable

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to get out of debt quickly and build financial wealth just as quickly. Have you ever thought it doesn’t make sense that I struggle with money because I know I earn at least as much. That was certainly true for both Ken and Yetta. They decided enough was enough and began studying the habits, beliefs and choices of the wealthy, especially those that got there without being born into it. Because success leaves clues in this episode we’ll explore the result of picking up the clues and taking action. Good things are assured to happen.

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11-12-21 How to Step UP Enjoyment in Your Relationships

Have you ever found yourself wondering why some of the relationships you used to enjoy a whole lot seem to be humdrum? Maybe you are even finding that what seem like pointless arguments create unwanted tension. The humdrum have taken over for what was once excitement and delight in each other. In this episode we will learn how and why to put play and fun into our relationships.

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11-05-21 How a Home Encourages Playfulness and up Levels Your FUN!

Have you ever thought, “My life could use a little more fun?”
When I assess my life each year, many times I desire more fun in my life, and maybe you are a little like me. Do you want to know how to add extra fun into your life? There are at least three specific areas of your home that can encourage fun. Satisfaction in my life requires fun to be in my life. Here are a few life hacks to injecting more fun into your life and home.

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10-29-21 Faith In the Yet Unseen w/ Suzan Hart

Have you ever had the faith to believe in what you could not see and know it would be so? Have you ever sat there waiting for things to happen because you believed they would? Have you ever found yourself absolutely disappointed as it did not happen for you? Thinking that a thing will be is often painful as it leaves you wanting. You became disillusioned and disheartened because your faith seemed to have failed you. Together we’ll explore that believing in what you do not see may simply not be enough. To have the unseen become the seen may require some intentional effort as belief alone may simply fail you.

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10-22-21 Doing What You Want...Let’s Go.

Investing is both scary and rewarding. Some new investors move quickly to buy their first investment property, and others move a little slower. Either way, there are a few very specific steps to take on the journey to make sure desirable results are the outcome. Suzan Hart was a guest on a previous episode as she began to explore owning her first investment property. As her journey continues you're invited to join her and learn why she makes the decisions she does. You will learn for yourself what to consider for a successful and fruitful investment experience whether it is your first or your tenth.

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