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01-28-22 How Investing in You Will Grow Your Bank Account

Have you heard it said that “Your wealth only grows to the extent that you do?". Mindset is the biggest obstacle Sean and Roz had to change. Not only did they become avid learners by reading and listening to lots of great content, they also became avid about unlearning habits and behaviours that were holding them back. Tune in and learn how you might also learn new skills that move you powerfully forward.

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01-21-22 Never Ever Would I Own Real Estate Again

Have you ever received Real Estate Counsel that turned out to cause you harm? Have you ever gotten what you thought was wise advice from the bank that turned into a trap? Have you consolidated just to find yourself consolidating once again? The financial chaos resulted in your decision that Real Estate was a choice you would not make again? Tune in to hear a turn around real life INSPIRING story that may have you rethinking everything you thought true about owning Real Estate.

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01-14-22 Seeing Equals Growing

To grow ourselves and our relationships comes through seeing one another through a lens of safety. How can we learn to see each other in this way? In this episode, we will consider how to foster environments within relationships that will infuse harmony, love and life.

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01-07-22 How to Protect the Value of Your House

Do you desire to find innovative solutions to increase the value of your home? How can your monthly payments and interest work in your financial favour? In this episode, we will learn that consistent maintenance can safeguard the value of your home.

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12-31-21 Why Vision Requires Building Faith and Trust

Being intrigued by the idea and a heartfelt collaboration to help bring change required a whole lot of faith. You understand enough to become part of that change. We are seeing part of the vision just enough to realize we have the ability, the technology, and the finances to get to level one and maybe level two (of what seems to be a multiple level task) became much easier to digest. We now understand why God only gives us the first part of the vision. The whole thing is an exercise in building faith and trust.

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