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This One's for the Guys

I realized my past few posts have been kind of girl oriented and I figured I should send one out to the guys.  I read a blog post by Mars Hill Pastor, Mark Driscoll, over the weekend and think it's a great intro for men into his teachings. Although sometimes controversial with his bold & direct comments, I appreciate Mark's honesty to speak what he sees happening in the church.

12 Interesting Women Leaders Under 40

In continuation to my last post (A Slice of Inspiration) I discovered a list of 12 amazing female voices in the Christian circle.  I hope this encourages women to persue God's dreams for them & for men to support the women in your life; encouraging them to be bold in persuing their dreams and talents.  Click more for the list. 

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A Slice of Inspiration

I found an amazing new speaker and had to share it with you! As a woman of God and woman who loves to be used by God, I find Bianca Juarez incredibly inspirational!

She exemplifies power, strength, determination and most importantly love.  I pray God raises up more incredible women to proclaim His truth.
Here's her website:

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$600 Billion Challenge

This month’s Fortune Magazine boasts the title the $600 Billion Challenge.  Warren Buffett and Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, set the goal: They are driving to get the super-rich, starting with the Forbes list of the 400 wealthiest Americans, to pledge -- literally pledge -- at least 50% of their net worth to charity during their lifetimes or at death.

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Swimming Work-out Plan

swimWhen I think of working out, I think of getting up at 6:00 in the morning to squeeze in some gym time before work. It took me years (literally) to bring myself to get a gym membership because I had a dreaded regular routine workouts... With the heat wave, all I want to do is jump in a pool so why not get a workout at the same time.

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8 Goals for Africa Video

I hope you had an awesome Canada Day!  The fireworks were incredible!! World Cup fever is still well underway. I am amazed at what time people are getting up to watch a game – that is dedication.
It's also very excited for the World Cup to be held in Africa for the first time. This has really given an opportunity to many organizations to shed even more light on the Africa's struggles and share with the world how they can help. Add a comment

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A Call To Pray

My last blog post dealt with the idea of prayer and how it impacts the spiritual realm which then changes what happens here on earth. A horrific event in Afghanistan has been brought to my attention and our brothers and sisters need you to pray. Add a comment

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Prayer Warriors

 Last night I had the opportunity to attend Ottawa’s National House of Prayer G8/G20 prayer evening.  It was incredible.  I highly recommend stopping by NHOP to have a look at what God has provided to them, you will be amazed! 
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The Story Behind Sanctus Real's Lead Me

Have you heard this incredible song where a husband is crying out to God asking Him to show him how to love his wife and children? The lead singer of Sanctus Real, Matt Hammitt, explains: "I think the challenge for me in the song, and hopefully for other men as well, is every time I hear it, every time I sing it, I ask myself, 'what kind of man am I?' Not yesterday, not tomorrow, what kind of man am I today? Have I invested in my family emotionally, spiritually the way that God has called me to reach out to them and to lead them." Here is a video of Matt and his wife sharing the meaning of the song.

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iPad & Poverty

Apple is selling 1 iPad every 3 seconds.  This is the same rate as children dying from poverty around the world.  What's wrong with this picture?


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