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Takeaways from the 2014 Leadercast

ashley_100Last Friday, I had the opportunity to attend the Ottawa simulcast of the Leadercast in Atlanta, Georgia. Approximately five thousand people attended the live event and another 115,000 people watched via satellite in 750 locations around the world.


I loved the conference, great choice of speakers & hosts! It was exhilarating to be in a room filled with some of Ottawa's best leaders. If you weren't able to attend, mark the conference down for next year – May 8th, 2015.  This year’s them was being “Beyond You Leadership”. Overall my BIG takeaway is: leaders are respectful and leaders use their influence to empower others.  Every speaker drew from these two ideas & they have impacted me, not just in my work environment but my home environment, church environment and volunteer environment. Leaders set the tone. I’ve already been practicing Andy Stanley’s challenge of saying “You decide” – eek! That’s hard for me! Here are the points that I took from each of the incredible speakers.


andy_stanleyAndy Stanely



  • Beyond you leadership
  • Create a beyond you culture
  • Leverage their influence to help others in & outside of their company
  • Leaders who fearlessly and selflessly empower leaders around them, as well as those coming along behind them.
  • Notice & embrace greatness in others (especially young people!) do not fear it & do not worry about getting credit for it.
  • Pour into the next generation
  • Empower: every leader has power. When you realize you have the most power in the room the beyond you leader will ask the question how can I leverage my power for the sake of the others in the room?
  • The value of a life is always measured by how much of it was given away.
  • We celebrate generosity & selflessness.
  • We celebrate generosity BUT we envy accumulation.
  • It has to beyond you not just about you.
  • Becoming a "beyond you" leader:
    1. Get in the habit of making as few decisions as possible. Refuse to make decisions others can make. Practice saying "You decide".
      • As your organization increases your IQ decreases.
      • Just because I have the power doesn't mean I need to use the power.
    2. Work for your team. What can I do to help?
    3. Empty your cup. What can I do to fill their cup? You are smarter than you think.
      • Beyond You Leaders empty their cups. What talents can you give away to bring up the next generation of leaders?
      • "What are you working on big?"
      • 500 pound gorilla theory
      • You can build into someone now
  • If your leadership isn't all about you it will live beyond you.

henry_cloudDr. Henry Cloud



  • Leaders are boats & leave a wake behind
  • Wake has 2 sides:
    1. Results
    2. Relationship
  • There are leaders who get results but have no friends
  • & there are leaders who are nice but get no results
  • Leaders often try to get influence without building trust
  • In order to build influence you must build trust. You must be FOR your people
  • You will build trust to the degree that people feel connected to you
  • Do your people know that you understand them & what they are trying to do? & what it's like to do what they do?
  • You need to connect with people where they are. Who cares about you!
  • You understand your people when they understand that you understand
  • You need to have something past yourself something with meaning
  • Good leaders give up control & define others roles & control
    • When leaders give up control and help others define what THEY will control, it will ultimately drive good results.
    • Human beings are naturally control freaks (think of a toddler with a toy hammer & blocks)
  • Your people need to feel like you would do anything for them. Including jumping out of a plane!
  • Sometimes you need to suck it up & just do it

desmond_tutuDesmond Tutu



  • How you treat others is a measure of you as a human being
  • We must always be respectful & grateful for others
  • If you are a leader it is not simply the work you have done but 100's of others who have contributed
  • Respect, gratitude, believing in others & recognizing other's gifts
  • What Desmond Tutu used to describe Mandela: magnanimity
  • The 27 years [in prison] were not a waste, but were crucial to develop Mandela into the person he'd become.
  • No bitterness, no spite, no anger but forgiveness & unity
  • Always grateful to each & every person
  • Mandela @ 1995 Rugby World Cup game "did more for our country than any sermon I could have given"
  • A person is a person through other persons
    • You are you because of other people
    • We are made to be dependent on others
  • Imagine a world where all leaders made decisions on what was right and what would improve the lives of all.
  • The people have more influence than any leader
  • Brutality harms everyone no one escapes
  • The art of leadership
    • Listen not just to the voices they like
    • Not blinded by power they are servants, they have nothing to hide they are accountable
    • They lead, guide, direct, support because they know the way
    • They know when to retire

laura_schroffLaura Schroff



  • In life we have moments when we are faced with a choice
  • The best way to find out if you can trust someone is to trust them. - Hemingway
  • Open up your eyes & hearts to the moments that can change our lives
  • It is so important to throw or take a life line
  • An Invisible Thread

harley_finkelsteinHarley Finkelstein



  • Work = craft or work = job
  • Work life balance
  • Job should be a part of your life not a means to an end
  • What do they look for?
    • Ship fast: done is better than perfect
    • Have high standards: be proud
    • Act like an owner: don't micromanage
    • Fail gracefully: learn from failures
    • Be resourceful
  • Comp is more than money
  • Culture is more than just perks
  • Hack days: what can you accomplish in 2 days?
  • The renaissance of life's work
  • Pay your dues to get where you want to go
  • Work life blending

laura_bushLaura Bush



  • The people you're leading can teach you
  • Humor is important aspect of leading especially in serious times
  • Living in the White House can strengthen your marriage
  • Having an opponent means you don't have to be each other's opponent
  • Don't second guess each other
  • In times of high stress you must keep normal routines (bed times, eating healthy, fate nights)
  • The rituals of family life are so important when you're in times of turmoil and high stress
  • Have principles & stick to them. Don't lead for popularity.
  • You must keep your emotions in control - Calm is contagious.
  • People take their cues from leader
  • 9/11 Bush's had to go beyond their selves. They never thought about themselves
  • One way to stay positive & happy in life is to be constructive with the unexpected moments
  • Treat people will respects don't be demeaning or sarcastic

malcolm_gladwellMalcolm Gladwell



  • Shares about Ian Freeland and the Lower Falls (read more in David and Goliath)
  • Freeland thought a leader’s role was to set rules & consequences. He believed in deterrence
  • But this isn't always true i.e.: tax day honesty varies drastically country to country. In the US  they are honest yet there is no big consequence to not paying
  • Legitimacy over deterrence
    • Fairness
    • Respect
  • It doesn't just matter WHAT you say, it matter HOW you say it
  • #respectforthewin
  • Respect begins at the top
  • Respect means you can speak up when you have a problem & you will be heard
  • Problem arise when leaders don't understand their influence & role

randall_wallaceRandall Wallace



  • Standing here & risking my life is more important than my little life
  • What will you do with your freedom?
  • Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31-32
  • Honour matters
  • If you look at what people hold as god, you will understand those people.
  • What is your God? Money? Fame?
  • There is great joy in giving in secret
    • Lloyd C Douglas
  • If you give, give it all
  • Don't you see it; we are the heroes who must save the world!
  • Some men were born with their freedom; I had the privilege of earning mine.

bill_mcdermottBill McDermott



  • Treat people with dignity & respect
  • Be open & agile to every situation
  • Recognize who has the force & power
  • People want a vision & a plan of action
  • Power of the underdog
  • Celebrate victories
  • Whatever visions & dreams you have double them

simon_sinekSimon Sinek



  • In the military we give awards for risking our lives for others in business we give award for risking others to save our selves
  • Leaders set the tone
  • The only thing we can really control is the environment in our business
  • When danger threatens it's a leaders instinct to protect
  • It's better for us to all have to suffer a little rather than a few have to suffer a lot
  • 1 trait in all leaders: courage
  • In the marines, officers eat last
  • Leadership cannot be measured on a daily basis, it's just like exercise. Don't give up!
  • Leadership is not a rank, it's a choice
  • A daily practice of putting the well being of others before ourselves
  • Good customer service happens when employees feel safe not afraid of the leaders



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