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Breakfast with Archbishop

trudy_100Media representatives were invited by the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Ottawa, the Most Reverend Terrence Prendergast, to an informal breakfast at his residence last Thursday, May 29. I was pleased to be able to represent CHRI as its church media coordinator.

The Archbishop was a great host and welcomed us to a nice hot buffet breakfast in his dining room. I met the new Auxiliary Bishop, the Most Reverend Christian Riesbeck, who is assisting in handling the workload of the Diocese. Also attending from the Archdiocese was Reverend Geoffrey Kerslake, Episcopal Vicar, English Pastoral Services and Miss Sarah Du Broy, Communications Officer. The Ottawa Archdiocese is responsible for over 100 parishes, a little less than half being French-speaking parishes and more than a dozen national language churches, totaling close to 400,000 Catholics.

It was a very enjoyable informal chat. One of the topics touched on was the need to reinforce the importance of the family in today's society. The Archdiocese is placing a particular emphasis on supporting families. This is an important subject and one that is of concern to many Christian churches and organizations. For example, Focus on the Family just released their documentary film, Irreplaceable, that stresses the importance of the traditional family. Another item discussed during the breakfast conversation was making the churches more welcoming to all those who come through their doors. I think that's something that all denominations are striving for in today's society due to the challenges of our secular culture which has diminished the important role of the church in society.

Thank you to the Bishops and their staff for the invitation and the hospitality shown at the morning breakfast.

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