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Overcoming Shame

overcomingshame 330Until you heal the core issue, freedom from shame will remain out of reach.  Read more for Brock Tozer's non-fiction Wednesday Bookmark interview with author Dr. Mark W. Baker.

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(Originally aired October 17th, 2018)


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Book Description:  Are You Ready to Be Free of Your Shame?

Shame is debilitating. It ruins relationships, thwarts growth, and destroys hope. It can masquerade as various problems—guilt, envy, pride, resentment—but until you heal the core issue, freedom will remain out of reach.

Dr. Mark W. Baker wants to open your eyes to the real battle you’re facing and teach you the skills to effectively fight back. He will help you see...

  • how guilt is often helpful, but shame is always harmful
  • what you can do to restore relationships that have been damaged
  • why you need and deserve a renewed understanding of your worth

Combining psychological research, sound biblical teachings, and clinical experience, Dr. Baker provides a valuable resource to address the pain no one talks about—and explore the only remedy that can bring real healing.

About the Author:   Dr. Mark W. Baker is licensed as a clinical psychologist and marriage and family therapist and is the executive director of La Vie Counseling Centers in Southern California. He is a bestselling author and his books include Jesus, The Greatest Therapist Who Ever Lived and Spiritual Wisdom for a Happier Life.





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