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"Sometimes we over think and out-plan what God already has in store for us. This year we budgeted $80,000 for basic needs ... we called it stewardship. But this year, God met our highest expectations: At the end of the Sharathon 2018 celebration we had received $94,000 or 15% more than that basic needs budget!

Thanks for our Prayer Central church and ministry prayer teams, many volunteers who came to answer phones, prepare meals, and clean up, the many donors, our sponsors who provided wonderful gifts, and your CHRI Team who gave everything they could during these two long days.

Now let’s go forward together and share the ministry of CHRI with all our family and friends “so that everyone will know” the Truth of the Gospel.

~ Bill Stevens (General Manager), on behalf of the Team"



Our most important (and most exciting!) On Air fundraiser of the year takes place October 10th & 11th.

Our theme song this year is “When We Pray” by Tauren Wells because we believe when we, as a city, begin to pray, we’ll see hope, freedom and healing in our region.
Please consider making a one-time or a monthly pledge this Sharathon to help reach your city with the hope and promise of the gospel.

(This year’s budgeted fundraising goal is $90,000! All of the money raised goes towards the operating expenses of the station. Gifts over $10 are tax deductible)

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CHRI is a listener-supported, registered charity. Learn more about our charitable status here.


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