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Little Boy from Nicaragua Needs a Heart Transplant

juandiego 330Juan Diego was diagnosed at birth with a life-threatening cyanotic congenital heart defect known as Dextro-Transposition of the Great Arteries.
Just 6 hours after his birth, he underwent heart surgery to keep him alive and, at just 10 days old, he went to see a heart specialist in Columbia where they found several other heart defects. These doctors were not equipped to perform the necessary, high-risk operation so this past Fall, Juan went to the Boston Children’s Hospital in the USA who confirmed the Colombian Doctor’s diagnosis...

They said he was a candidate for the Rastelli Procedure, an extremely costly open-heart surgery... Juan Diego’s only hope for survival.

Please pray that the family (very close friends of a CHRI listener) receives the funding needed to help pay for the surgery, and that Juan Diego’s heart is completely restored and he lives a long, and vibrant life.

You can learn more about his story and visit the GoFundMe Page here:


ABOUT the Rastelli Procedure: The Rastelli procedure is an open heart surgical procedure developed by Italian physician and cardiac surgery researcher, Giancarlo Rastelli in 1967 at the Mayo Clinic and involves using a pulmonary or aortic homograft conduit to relieve pulmonary obstruction in double outlet right ventricle with pulmonary stenosis

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