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The Vow ... Christian?

vowAt church yesterday, the lay leader who was delivering the message, Shannon, showed a clip from an interview with the couple who's story inspired The Vow. I had been wondering over this past week why some Christian media websites that I follow had been promoting the film.. was the movie starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams a 'faith-film'??


Although in this interview, Kim and Krickitt Carpenter confess the book is the TRUE story and the film was just "inspired" by it's events, it's a message about keeping to your vows... a commitment you made to God and to your spouse.

Shannon's message yesterday reminded us that the world sees marriage as a contract (that can be broken under certain extreme circumstances) but the Word says marriage is a COVENANT made to each other and with God.

So, now I want to see the film so I can cry... ok, that's not just why... but what a touching story about a real-life Christian couple who, even though she doesn't even remember meeting her husband a year before the car accident, made the choice to keep their vows.

Click here for the film trailer. review:"... The Carpenters are Christians,and they decided to live out the requirements of their faith in a reallyextreme way. The Vow, stripped of its real-life Christian core, is still amoving recitation of love in action, romance..."


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