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Music Boat - Day 1

Music-Boat1We're here.. at sea.. somewhere between Miami and the Florida Keys.
I've heard it said a few times today that it's so neat being ON water to worship the One who walks ON water! Music Boat 2011.  I am coming at this experience from the perspective of a "newbie" cruiser but I have to say.. what an amazing way to vacation!


The embarkation at Port Miami went smoothly and our cabin is great. I can't help but make references to the Titanic when we pulled up to the ship or walking down the staircase into the dining room, or when we had our mandatory safety briefing (there ARE enough room in the lifeboats for all passengers). I can only imagine what went through the minds of the upper and middle class passengers in 1912 when they saw a way bigger boat than this one with so many rooms, lounges, hallways, decks, pools, and people!

Anyways, in our first day, we had a few meetings and ate some food, watched the ship launch, explored the 14 levels of the ship and booked our Land Excursions for Key West and Cozumel. We even saw Chris August (great live.. and goofy) and Newsboys perform already (with a new song from their God's Not Dead album, The King Is Coming).

It seems like half of the 2,000-plus guests on this ship are returning 'customers'.. And I can see why.. The view is amazing, the food is delicious, the service is efficient, there are tons of concerts (most artists play more than once this week) and you're making new friends everywhere you go. I've already met John Rivers (20 The Countdown), Heather Williams (she's here with her whole family), Matt Hammit (Sanctus Real), Bart Millard (MercyMe) and William Paul Young (author of The Shack.. see photo – fyi: he confirmed there is a company with the rights to produce a movie version of The Shack).

Do the movements of the sea bother me? I can definitely feel the ship rocking and bumping but I forget about it mostly...I find it helps if you don't stare at the waves and the wake as you pass by!

The staff of Premier Christian Cruises are encouraging radio personnel and artists who were invited on this ship to set the example of showing Christ's love to the Carnival staff, who represent over a dozen countries around the world. Each member of the staff receives a Bible and are exposed to all the great music.

This year marks the 21st year of the Music Boat and the itinerary is packed! Phil & Amy Parham from Season 6 of The Biggest Loser said a few words tonight and will be leading a 45-minute work-out every morning, Matt Diaz or the Atlanta Braves (and Jonny Diaz's older brother) said grace before supper and will be speaking this week as well.

Tomorrow we will be in Key West (where I've been told I NEED to have a piece of real key lime pie) and my husband, Jason, and I will be going on a kayak tour in the mangroves and then we'll be back to see more concerts and meet more people.

I wonder if I'll dream about water tonight??!



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