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08-06-21 It's Time To Invest, Now What?

There is much chatter and everyone has an opinion about whether it is wise to invest in real estate. As your guide and advocate, I‘ll step wholly into the debate. Suzan, like most first time real estate investors, already owns a home, and knows there are many options as to what to do with the house they already own. They don’t know which option is best, so the questions usually start to flood their mind: Should I keep it and rent it out? Should I sell my house and buy a multi-family home and live there too? Maybe sell the house I have and buy an investment property, and one for me to live in too? With so many aspects to consider, we invited a client, Suzan, who is currently in the middle of making this decision, to ask her questions on Life’s Inside Track so we could all learn together and help her decide what her best option is. Trusting you will discover what your best option is too.


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