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02-16-24 More Financial Reference Points with Rev. Ray Borg

With so much information bombarding us daily, we can use all kinds of financial markers to determine whether or not we are managing our finances well. On episode #366 of “Let’s Talk Money with Dave and Reb”, Rev. Ray Borg engages more conversation with the co-hosts about what these look like in our lives. Following the biblical principle of giving is one such marker. “God expresses His love to us by giving us resources and we can ask ourselves ‘how are we using these resources for His glory?’” Rev. Borg says. Tune in today to hear the show today sponsored by Financial Discipleship Canada and—a ministry to the body of Christ that voices and encourages dialogue and new conversations regarding finance and discipleship. To learn how you can connect your finances to being a disciple of Christ go to To order Reb's e-book, audio book, or soft-cover copy of Cultivating Trust: Finding God's Hope and Freedom for Your Finances, go to

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