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01-05-24 Hope and Freedom for the New Year

There is financial hope and freedom for Canadians to discover in 2024 and on episode #360 of “Let’s Talk Money with Dave and Reb” the co-hosts encourage listeners with the possibilities as they put sound financial habits into practice. Hope and freedom can even come before all debts are paid off because of renewed thinking and behaviour around money. To receive encouragement for the year ahead, tune in to today’s show which is sponsored by Financial Planner Joanne Jehu. Joanne helps clients with financial planning, money management, investments, retirement planning and preparation, as well as areas of risk management including insurance protection. To connect with Joanne and find out more information, go to To order Reb's e-book, audio book, or soft-cover copy of Cultivating Trust: Finding God's Hope and Freedom for Your Finances, go to

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