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10-20-23 The Problem of Addiction (Part 1)

On today's episode #349 of "Let's Talk Money with Dave and Reb", friend and pastor Jon Ruby from Ottawa's Union City Church, brings a message of hope to listeners as the co-hosts discuss issues of addiction and how it relates to the stressful financial climate many people are experiencing. You won't want to miss their conversation or the invitation to work through the Ashes to Rubies life-giving course that you can access for free just because you have listened to this episode.

For the link referenced in this two part series, go to and type in the code - freelifelabyearly123 - to receive your year's free membership.

To access the LifeLab connect meeting (Ottawa) at 12pm on Wednesdays, use this zoom link:
(Zoom: 819 700 3777, Password: 979797)

Listen to today’s episode sponsored by Financial Discipleship Canada and—a ministry to the body of Christ that voices and encourages dialogue and new conversations regarding finance and discipleship. To learn how you can connect your finances to being a disciple of Christ go to To order Reb's e-book, audio book, or soft-cover copy of Cultivating Trust: Finding God's Hope and Freedom for Your Finances, go to


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