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05-05-23 Health

Dave and Reb don’t know if listeners are getting tired of hearing it, but they want to keep encouraging people to take the five steps to financial health! On episode #325 of “Let’s Talk Money with Dave and Reb”, they review the five steps to financial health: building a small emergency cushion, paying off consumer debt, building a larger three—to—six month emergency fund, investing and paying off the mortgage, and giving generously and growing. To help you understand the why and how of finding financial hope and freedom, listen to their conversation which is sponsored by Stephen Francispillai- Francispillai Law, an Ottawa law firm specializing in real estate, as well as wills and power of attorneys. Go to for more information.To order Reb's e-book, audio book, or soft-cover copy of Cultivating Trust: Finding God's Hope and Freedom for Your Finances, go to

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