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10-08-21 Thanksgiving Friday!

Rev. Ray Borg from Financial Discipleship Canada and joins Dave and Reb on "Let's Talk Money" this morning to reflect on thanksgiving, worship, and our understanding of God. This discussion also looks at how our ideas about God influence how we talk to God about money. As James Bryan Smith says in his book The Good and Beautiful Life, "what we think determines how we live. If we think God is an angry accountant frowning on us and would love us if only we are good enough, that narrative will be seen in how we live" (found on page 11). Together, Dave, Reb, and Rev. Borg discuss this understanding of God, and how that can influence our worship of Him. On this Thanksgiving weekend, they encourage listeners to take some time to reflect on who God is, and to thank Him for what He means in our lives! Today's show is sponsored by More Than Enough Financial - a financial coaching, tax, and mortgage company helping people find hope and freedom in their finances one day at a time.


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