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The City-Wide Church: Unity that God Blesses

bookmark thecitywidechurch 330Is unity really that important? Richard Long, who has over 30 years of experience in city-wide movements, uses Biblical principles, and looks at the Ottawa model, to discuss how cities can foster a sense of unity within the Christian and church community

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Book Description:

Does Unity Really Matter?
When Jesus prayed, “Father, may they be brought to complete unity,” did He really expect to see His prayer answered in our communities?

The City-Wide Church: Unity That God Blesses goes deep into the biblical imperative of unity to stretch your imagination for what is possible here and now.

This book will inspire you with real-life stories, problem-solving scenarios, and easily transferable principles that can propel the Church in your city to the next level.

God promises to pour out great blessing where He finds unity among His people. This book serves as a guide for how to see this happen in your community. Richard Long’s insight and passion for the city-wide Church will fill you with hope for the future and draw you into the vision God has for His Church.

About the Author:

Richard serves in Pastoral Engagement at Ottawa's own One Way Ministries. He has over 30 years of experience in city-wide movements in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and Hamilton. Under his national ministry hat – Together Canada, he has been coaching and resourcing city-church efforts from coast to coast in Canada.​

Richard initially came to Ottawa to serve as the Associate Director at the National House of Prayer, where he ministered for five years. Up until recently he was the lead for Love Ottawa – the collaborative missional movement in our city.. He is married to Terry and together they serve as elders at Vineyard Ottawa, a church they co-planted 7 years ago. Previously, for 21 years, Richard pastored in Baptist congregations. He considers it a high honour to serve pastoral leaders in the national capital region.


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