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April 14th, 2010 - NON-FICTION


Marriage is a worthwhile and holy pursuit. Using clear biblical insight and compelling examples, "Get Married" shows the difference between wanting to get married and actually cooperating with God to help it happen.


Click here to listen to Brock's interview with Candice Watters, author of "Get Married: What Women Can Do to Help It Happen", on this week's Wednesday Bookmark, brought to you by Salem Storehouse!


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This is not a book about making the most of singleness, nor is it a how-to with ten steps to "finding the man of your dreams." Rather, it's a book that encourages single women to live like they plan to get married. It will show you how to embrace Christian community, learn to encourage men and empower women as you work toward your ultimate goal: a God-glorifying marriage. Includes commonly asked questions about applying Get Married to individual situations, recommended reading, and author's personal story.


Getting married is more than a lifestyle option or just something that would be "nice if it happens." Not only is marriage good and natural to want, it's what most of us are called to pursue. There's a difference between making it happen and helping it happen. This isn't a book about desperation or the hyper activity of joining every dating service and singles group. It's not about making cold calls or tackling a list of 100 tips for meeting hot men. "Get Married" is about living like you're planning to marry. It presents a lifestyle that esteems marriage, encourages men, empowers women, and embraces Christian community and a biblical understanding of what marriage is for. Most importantly, it shows women that marriage is a worthy goal that's within their grasp. You can be content with where you are today and still desire marriage in a way that honors God. And there are things you can do to help it happen.


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