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What's Here Now?

whatsherenow 330Do you find yourself obsessing over the past and worrying about the future, instead of experience peace and purpose in the present moment? REPLAY Brock's Wednesday Bookmark interview with Jeanne Stevens.

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Book Description:

With honest transparency, hope-filled compassion, and plenty of vulnerable humor, pastor Jeanne Stevens reveals the shockingly simple path to peace: presence. She helps you slow down, center yourself, and ask the all-important question, What's here now? Jeanne gives readers practical tools to move from obsessing about the past or worrying about the future to experiencing peace and purpose in the present moment.

By incorporating this simple question into your everyday life, you will experience freedom from unhealthy patterns of relating to God and others through the avenues of shame, guilt, worry, and anxiety.

About the Author:

Jeanne Stevens is the founding and colead pastor of Soul City Church in Chicago, one of America's fastest growing urban churches. Prior to starting Soul City Church, Stevens was on the pastoral staff at Willow Creek Community Church and North Point Community Church. A sought-after speaker, leader, and writer, Jeanne's passion is to help people wake up to their purpose as they pursue a life of wholehearted freedom. She lives in Chicago with her husband, Jarrett, and their two children.


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