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jesusisbiggerthanme 330Use the stories of Jesus' miracles to teach your toddler and pre-school children about the size, power, and goodness of God. Replay Care's Wednesday Bookmark interview with Jared Kennedy.

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Book Description: Jesus is bigger and more powerful than any superhero. He can turn water into wine, calm a stormy sea, give sight to the the blind, and even raise the dead. When Jesus is with us, God is with us. Author Jared Kennedy uses simple words and concepts to help toddlers and preschoolers understand that Jesus is powerful and good. He isn’t just stronger than any superhero, he is God—the King of the universe.

This beautifully illustrated board book for ages three to five is third in the Beginner’s Gospel Story Book series. Children will learn that Jesus is God through the story of his miracles and be encouraged to go to him for help because he cares for them.

The preschool-friendly pictures in Jesus Is Bigger Than Me will also help teach about shapes, colors, and counting. Children will be captivated by the bright, modern illustrations and the simple encouraging content will turn their hearts to Jesus.

About the Author:

Jared Kennedy, MDiv, ThM, is the co-founder and managing editor of Gospel-Centered Family, a ministry that helps churches and families share Jesus with the next generation. He also serves as the Parenting and Family Channel Editor for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, as a member of the Theological Advisory Council for Harbor Network, and is an adjunct professor at Boyce College.



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