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You're More Than a Sprout

morethanasprout 330Through our up-and-down seasons of growing and waiting, God is always working wonders! Replay Care's Wednesday Bookmark interview with Jill Roman Lord. 

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Book Description: What if you grow to be more than you ever imagined?

Little Bamboo Seed happily floats through the sky, dreaming of his exciting new life. But suddenly - slam! He finds himself buried in the dirt, lonely and forgotten. As he grows into a sprout and beyond, Bamboo must learn that the Master has bigger plans for him than he could ever imagine. This rollicking story takes us from the sky, underground, and up again, reminding readers and listeners that through our up-and-down seasons of growing and waiting, God is always working wonders.

About the Author:

Jill Roman Lord is a wife, mother of three amazing kids, runner, author, writer, nurse anesthetist and Jesus lover. She and her husband Bill, have just recently entered a new phase of their lives and are learning to navigate the new Empty Nest Years. While they loved every aspect of raising kids and sending them on their ways, this empty house is a new thing requiring adjustments which they are enjoying together.

She is an author of Christian Children’s books, and it is her desire in her writing to draw children closer to Jesus and to provide books that parents (or grandparents or caregivers) can enjoy reading with the kids snuggled on their laps.


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