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The Epic Bible

epicbible 330Are you interested in the Bible, but are intimidated by how lengthy and wordy it is? Introducing you to the Epic Bible...where the Bible meets comics. Replay Care's Wednesday Bookmark interview with Art Ayris.

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Book Description: Get swept away by God’s awesome story in this riveting graphic Bible. The Epic Bible tells the central story of the Bible, with dramatic, full-color art created by some of DC and Marvel’s best comic book artists. Whether you’re reading the Bible for the first time or looking for a fresh perspective, The Epic Bible’s cinematic storytelling will make God’s Word come alive.

About the Author: Art Ayris is the founder of Kingstone Studios and Executive Editor of the Kingstone Bible, the most complete graphic adaptation of the Bible ever done and finalist for Christian Book of the Year in 2017. Ayris is a regular contributor on Christianity and media and has been interviewed by FOX News, The Guardian, American Family Radio, Christian Science Monitor, Faithwire, Publishers Weekly, WORLD magazine, Movieguide, Baptist Press, Orlando Sentinel and many other media outlets. His writing and producing awards for film and television include Best TV Movie in Hollywood's Next Success contest, Best Feature Florida Film & Television, Best Feature Angel Awards, Best Feature Independent's Film Festival and other film and television awards.


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