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Always Know

alwaysknow 330How can you know that you are loved and valued by God, overcome shame, choose joy, and be a better neighbour? Replay Brock's non-fiction Wednesday Bookmark interview with Melinda Estabrooks. 

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Book Description: Listening. Learning. Leaning In.
Amplifying. Authenticity.
Courage. Inclusion. Faith

This is what See Hear Love is all about. It’s not just a TV show or a podcast, but a community of brave women and men who long for justice, peace, inclusion, hope, and love. Their voices matter. Their stories and lives are inspiring, wise, and life-changing.
This collection of stories is made up of more than just words. It’s made up of experiences and learnings that have been held open-handed to God, the master storyteller of life and transformation.
In this collection, Host Melinda Estabrooks and fifty guests and friends share encouraging and practical ways to:
•Know that you are loved and valued by God.
•Live an open-handed life.
•Overcome shame and find hope.
•Choose joy and freedom.
•Be brave.
•Love your neighbour.
•Lead well.

And as you read these stories, Always Know... that you are seen, heard, and deeply loved by God.

About the Author: Melinda Estabrooks is the Host, Showrunner, Executive Producer of Crossroads’ women’s talk show, See Hear Love - a show and community that values storytelling, courage, authenticity, inclusion, and faith in Jesus. For the past twenty-five years, Melinda has worked in broadcasting, journalism, public relations and marketing, leadership facilitating, advocacy, fundraising, and motivational speaking across the world.



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