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Taste Your Words

tasteyourwords 330Even the youngest children can understand the power of their words. Replay Care's Wednesday Bookmark interview with Bonnie Clark.

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Book Description: Teach kids about the power of words and the importance of kindness with this charming picture book that cleverly illustrates why we should think before we speak.

Amera’s having a bad day. Her best friend ruined her cupcake and they both said mean things. When Amera brings her bad mood home with her, her mom tells her to “taste her words.” Amera’s mean words taste like rotten eggs, spoiled milk, and lemons! As Amera realizes that her mean words make her feel bad and others feel worse, she starts saying the kindest, sweetest words she can find.

This picture book is an excellent resource for parents who want to teach their kids to think before they speak. With humorous text and lively illustrations, Clark and Bright make it easy for even the youngest children to understand the power of their words.

About the Author: Bonnie Clark loves books that make her laugh, cry, or think for a long time. She enjoys writing for children because she believes that childhood is the most important time in a person’s life–the time that shapes who we become as adults. When she isn’t writing, Bonnie is working out, reading books, raising three adorable kids, and drinking lots of coffee. Bonnie lives in Canton, Georgia, with her husband and their children.


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