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"The Gospels- Cartoon"(10-28-09)


Anyone who can heal the sick, raise the dead and walk on water can't possibly be boring! "The Gospels - New Testament" is the first book in the Cartoon Bible Series.


Click to hear Brock's interview with author and illustrator Patricia Loranger.




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Who said the Bible is boring?

Take some time and learn about the most exciting person who ever lived, died, and is ALIVE forevermore!

In this book you will discover:

  • Ninety-one stories from the gospels covering the life and teachings of Jesus
  • modern language bible that children understand (King James Version paraphrased by Patricia Loranger)
  • 103 pages of full colour modern cartoons
  • food for thought and principles to live by after each story

Written and illustrated by Canadian children's minister Patricia Loranger.


Click here for the example on pg. 11 ("Daniel Denies the Lord")


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