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frommetoyou 330Conversation journals that help provide opportunities for meaningful moments with your child. Read more for Care Baldwin's KIDS Wednesday Bookmark interview with co-author Susan Merrill.

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(Originally aired April 3, 2019)


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Book Description: Do You Crave Deeper Conversation with Your Son or Daughter?

Amid the flurry of family life, communication can become all about daily survival, leaving little room for the kind of talk that draws you and your child closer together.

Are you looking for more opportunities for meaningful moments with your child?

This unique conversation journal provides a simple, straightforward way to

- ask questions to prompt important conversations with your son/daughter that might not otherwise occur
- encourage him/her with positive words he/she can read over and over
- connect with him/her—and not feel guilty for missing those opportunities
- record her thoughts in a keepsake journal
- learn what he/she has been thinking on a deeper level
- mentor him/her as she learns to express himself/herself through writing
- journal your own thoughts—a great life habit you can start now

As you and your son or daughter pass this journal back and forth, you’ll experience connecting conversations, a renewed relationship and joy-filled journaling. Get started today!

About the the Author: Susan Merrill is the founder of iMom, an organization dedicated to inspiring moms to love their families well. She is also the author of The Passionate Mom and coauthor, with her husband, Mark, of Lists to Love By for Busy Wives and Lists to Love By for Busy Husbands. Susan and Mark live in Tampa, Florida and have five children.






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