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crackyourselfup 330A hilarious collection of clean humor with fun illustrations for kids ages 6-12. Read more for Care Baldwin's KIDS Wednesday Bookmark interview with author Sandy Silverthorne.

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(Originally aired January 30, 2019)


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Book Description: Any kid can be a comedian with a little help from award-winning author/illustrator Sandy Silverthorne's Crack Yourself Up Jokes for Kids. Perfect for kids ages 6-12, this zany collection of one-liners (Did you hear about the missing barber? Police are combing the city.), knock-knock jokes (Knock, Knock. Who's there? Pizza. Pizza who? Pizza nice guy, don't you think?), riddles (What's red and goes up and down? A tomato in an elevator.), puns, and funny lists represents some of the world's best clean humor. Add in the author's hilarious illustrations and cartoons, and kids will get hours of fun with the kind of laughs that make milk come out your nose--that is, if you're drinking milk while you read!

About the Author:  Sandy Silverthorne, author of Crack Yourself Up Jokes for Kids, has been writing and illustrating books since 1988 and currently has over 600,000 copies in print. His award-winning Great Bible Adventure children's series with Harvest House sold over 170,000 copies and has been distributed in eight languages worldwide. He's written and illustrated over thirty books and has worked with such diverse clients as Universal Studios Tour, Doubleday Publishers, Penguin, World Vision, the University of Oregon, the Charlotte Hornets, and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He has a series with Standard Publishing Surviving Middle School and hisHis recent series One-Minute Mysteries has already sold over 160240,000 copies. Sandy has worked as a cartoonist, author, illustrator, actor, pastor, speaker, and comedian. Apparently it's hard for him to focus.

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