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kidsquizbible 330Making it fun to learn all about God’s Word. Read more for Care's KIDS  Wednesday Bookmark interview with Troy Schmidt.

Purchase "NIV Kids' Quiz Bible, Hardcover: Over 1,000 Fantastic Facts and Trivia" online at


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Book Description: This full-feature Bible for ages 8-12 offers children a challenging experience as they delve into the Bible. Highlighting important facts and verses, the NIV Kids' Quiz Bible helps children engage with the text, while making it fun to learn all about God's Word! With answers to find in every book of the Bible, they won't want to stop reading.

Features include:
• More than 1,000 quiz questions
• Bible book introductions, including important facts to engage the reader with each book of the Bible
• 8 pages of full-color maps
• Easy to read 8.75-point text
• The complete text of the New International Version (NIV)
• A vibrant cover on metallic paper

About the Author: Troy Schmidt began writing animation in 1985 for Dennis the Menace and Heathcliff. He also wrote for The Mickey Mouse Club for three seasons. Troy is repsonsible for adapting Max Lucado's Hermie the Common Caterpillar into books and videos.




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