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Pray Your Fears Away

prayermonsters madder 330Through prayer, little ones can turn all of their worries and problems over to God. Read more for Care's kids Wednesday Bookmark interview with author Tracey Madder.

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(Originally aired October 18, 2017)


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 Book Description: What’s a tough little monster to do when she’s afraid of spiders, dogs, and the dark? She takes time to pray, of course! R. J. Fright learns that true courage comes when we trust God with our fears.

Children and their parents alike will fall in love with the Frights. This funny and endearing family of monsters will teach kids the importance of talking to God first when they are afraid, when things go wrong, or when they need guidance for making good choices. And they will learn that God always answers prayer.

About the Author:  Tracey Madder is an author and content creator for children. She has over ten years of experience in the Entertainment Industry working internationally as a model, actress, and photographer. But, it is the title of “Stay-at-Home Mom” that she is most proud of. Tracey stepped out of the spotlight to raise a family.

Inspired by her four kids, she began creating children’s content in 2014. Tracey is the author/creator of The Story Travelers Bible, and Prayer Monsters brand.



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