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BEST OF: Your Life and Ministry As a Pastor's Wife

sacred privilegeKay Warren, cofounder of Saddleback Church, shares the struggles and joys of ministry. Read more for Brock Tozer's interview with author, Kay Warren on this week's "Best of the Wednesday Bookmark" brought to you (Aired August 30, 2017)

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Kay Warren, cofounder of Saddleback Church, shares the struggles and joys of ministry in her new book Sacred Privilege: Your Life and Ministry As a Pastor's Wife, releasing May 2017. With deeply personal stories and wisdom gleaned from decades of experience, Warren writes to women who understand first-hand the complex dynamics inherent to any in ministry. Sacred Privilege features a foreword by Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church, and Kay's partner in life and ministry.

Kay Warren understands every facet of being related to the pastor. She was a pastor's daughter, is a pastor's wife, has a daughter who is a pastor's wife, and has a son who ministers to pastors. Because Saddleback Church began in her living room with seven people, she knows what it's like to be a part of a small, developing church as well as a large, thriving church. Sacred Privilege is not only a peek behind the curtain of one of America's best known churches, but also provides much-needed encouragement that pastors' wives all over the country desire.

In Sacred Privilege, Kay confirms that being a pastor's wife does not mean being perfect. More vulnerable than ever, Warren reveals the brokenness that resulted from childhood molestation - the allure of pornography, intense marital conflict and temptation, as well as depression and a distorted view of her worth. Losing a child to suicide could easily have been the catalyst for leaving ministry, but Kay's resilient faith and confidence in God's redemptive plan for her life has kept her feet firmly planted. The road has not been easy, but she has learned much along the way and can now confidently say that being a pastor's wife is truly a "sacred privilege." 


Kay Warren cofounded Saddleback Church with her husband, Rick Warren, in Lake Forest, California. She is a passionate Bible teacher and tireless advocate for those living with mental illness, HIV&AIDS, and for orphaned and vulnerable children. She is a board member of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention. She founded Saddleback's HIV&AIDS Initiative. Kay is the author of Sacred Privilege: Your Life and Ministry as a Pastor's Wife, Choose Joy: Because Happiness Isn't Enough, Say Yes to God, and coauthor of Foundations, the popular systematic theology course used by churches worldwide. Her children are Amy and Josh, and Matthew who is in heaven, and she has five grandchildren, Kaylie, Cassidy, Caleb, Cole, and Claire. Warren

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