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Quitting Church

quitting_church.jpgWhy are the faithful fleeing and what do we do about it? Brock interviewed Julia Duin on her book "Quitting Church", February 25th.

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Why are so many Christians remaining committed to the faith yet dissatisfied with and disconnected from the established church?


In "Quitting Church" Duin, religion reporter for the Washington Times, has collected the research and added insight from her own interviews with disillusioned followers and visits to numerous churches. She reveals and explores a number of crucial factors underlying this shift, including irrelevant teaching, the neglect of singles, the marginalization of women, and the lack of authentic spiritual power. She also delves into trends such as house-churches and post-modern or emergent congregations.

Her careful analysis and thoughtful reflection will help church leaders examine how they can better serve those in their congregations and communities who are struggling to find a spiritual home.


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