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11-10-10 - Everything You Know About Evangelicals Is Wrong

Everything-You-Know-About-EToday, evangelicals are more famous, but are they better understood? 

Click here to listen to Brock's interview with Don Thorsen co-author of "Everything You Know About Evangelicals Is Wrong", from this week's 9:00am Wednesday Bookmark, brought to you by Salem Storehouse!


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While evangelicals make up a significant portion of American society, they still constitute a mystery for many. They exert considerable influence on virtually every aspect of American life and culture, yet by those who don't appreciate them they're seen as rednecks, crypto-fundamentalists, and people without education. Wilkens and Thorsen contend that evangelicals are tired of being caricatured and provide an insider's look at myths and realities surrounding the movement. They winsomely and sometimes humorously assess the breadth and depth of evangelical beliefs, values, and practices, arguing that evangelicalism is identifiable by a family resemblance, vitality, and relevance that transcends particular theological and political stereotypes that arise inside as well as outside of it. The book provides a synthetic presentation of contemporary evangelical Christianity as well as critiques of it.

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