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Summer Support

CHRI’s Summer Donation letter has been sent out to previous donors, so start watching for it in your mailbox!

Please give to keep CHRI thriving in the summer months. This is a listener-supported, registered charity.
To read the letter from the CHRI team online, download it here (PDF).

"Whenever the smoke moved from the tent, the Israelites would break camp, and wherever it stopped, the Israelites would set up camp." - Numbers 9:17

*If you are having trouble opening the attachment, please call us at 866-247-1440

TO DONATE, print letter and return the tear-off section of your letter and sending it to:
1010 Thomas Spratt Place, suite 3
Ottawa, ON K1G 5L5;

by calling us (866-247-1440);

or give securely online via PayPal (no account required)


*Your gift is tax-receiptable. All donation amounts are appreciated (regular monthly or one-time)

To learn more about CHRI’s status with the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, click here.


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