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Christmas/New Year Thank You


This blessed Christmas season, full of busy activities for all at CHRI, has come to an end for another year!


We've already started to replace the expensive tubes for our transmitter (that have miraculously lasted longer than they should have) and other technical necessities for the New Year! It's too easy though, to just keep going and not look back with thanks to God for all He has given. And we thank you too from all of us who believe that CHRI's Family Radio is an immediate witness to all generations of your family that God's love is 24/7.


2008 was huge for us and thank you for helping our team to achieve and pass many of our goals. The GMA Canada Station of the Year award came as a complete surprise but we're hoping with your support to make 2009 even better ("God willing").


Please stay tuned, send your friends and family to us, but remember your generosity to CHRI makes all the difference.


Please help keep Family Radio growing with your continued financial support and thank you for being there in prayer and in need. You truly are a friend in Jesus.


God bless you in every way in 2009.


Love from all of us here at Family Radio CHRI 99.1 FM




Bill Stevens
General Manager


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