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What is Devotion?

I came across this devotional idea the other day. It seems like a great way to dig in and spend some time with God and His word. I hope it is helpful & be sure to pass along to anyone who could need a devotional refresher!

The author, a staffer over at Hillsong Church in Australia, quotes Robert Fergusson's response to how he sees our generation: "I see a generation that excels in public passion, but fails in private devotion." I personally feel so much of how we act and respond to situations that are presented to us comes from the quite times we spend with the Lord. Our times when we let him speak to us and love us. The times when we stop and be still and know the He is God. The times when we sacrifice other areas of our lives to spend time with Him. Similar to Chrishan, I often fall short of writing in my journal every day or reading the Bible everyday but this is a personal challenge to commit to reading, thinking, applying, growing and writing.

Here's the suggested journaling technique:

Sun: Psalms

Mon: Genesis to 2 Chronicles

Tues: Matthew to Luke

Wed: Ezra to Song of Songs

Thurs: John, Acts and Revelation

Fri: Isaiah to Malachi

Sat: Romans to Jude


Then SOAP:

Scripture: write down in full a verse that has stood out to you and challenged you.

Observation: write a few thoughts about the verse, maybe some links to other themes in the bible that come to mind, or observations on the context of the day that would help bring meaning to the verse.

Application: write about the personal challenge of the verse, and the way in which you might need to respond to it.

Prayer: write a prayer, usually one that is prompted by the verse. For those of us that find it easier to read the bible than pray, however, it's important that this written prayer is not the entire extent of our prayer lives!


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