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Human Trafficking: World Cup Prayer Guide

Human Trafficking is an crime that is close to many people's hearts.  I had the opportunity to work in Thailand and Bangladesh and learn about the major trafficking issues in these 2 countries. 

Ever since, God has put a fire in my heart for trafficking justice.  Major global events, such as the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup being held this June in South Africa, is a time when human trafficking has the potential to increases in order to meet the demands of thousands of people coming to one location.  Women and children are being and will be trafficked in by the thousands to be exploited in the sex industry.   To help combat these evil forces, Exodus Cry, has put together a 31 day prayer guide for Human Trafficking and the World CupClick here to download the guide. 


This prayer guide is a strategic tool to unify the body of Christ in intercession during these 31-days of heightened trafficking activity. Each day we are looking at a name or characteristic of God and declaring it over this issue, the perpetrators, and the victims. Though the groaning of the prisoners has too often failed to reach the ears of men, their cries have been heard in the courts of heaven. Let's partner together with the heart of God over this issue. Use this resource in your private times of prayer, in small group prayer, or in your church.

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