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You Did it! Hope Springs Fundraiser

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It is such an amazing honour to serve you through this ministry, and we are grateful for your prayers and support these past two days...and throughout the year!

Together, $55,000 (and counting) was raised for CHRI, meaning we have surpassed our budgeting needs for this quarter. Whether you gave $10 or $1,000, you are invested in the ministry of this station and your response to the Lord is a blessing to us and will be a blessing to countless others.

Your generosity helps us continue to share the message of Hope using radio and media, and we look forward to the growth that is to come.

We shine all the Glory back onto God.

~ Much love and gratitude, your CHRI Family

Listener and supporter Heather sent this text and summed up how we felt near the end of Day 2 SO WELL:
"WOW!!! Yesterday I listened as the donations poured in and at times trickled in, but you guys made it to the $25,000!!
This morning it seemed like a long way to go to do it again yet here you are, almost at the goal!!
So many $1000 matches!! And SO SO many smaller donations which all add up!!
To repeat yesterday and meet your goal is quite magical really!!
Thanks to you and the other hosts who are so encouraging and inspiring to get the donations to come in. CONGRATULATIONS!! :) "

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