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Music Video Premiere: Natalie Grant & Cory Asbury "You Will Be Found"

The music video for the hit song from the musical-turned-movie "Dear Evan Hansen", now reimagined as a song about Christ and his love for you and us, has come out TODAY!

Here are some of Natalie Grant's words: “The first time I ever heard this song in ‘Dear Evan Hansen,’ I was overcome by a message of hope. I believe the love of Christ can find us wherever we are. No one is ever too far gone for the love of God to find them. But I was also just struck by how I have a responsibility to be that love to everybody around me,” Grant contends. “This message is a right now message. So many people in our lives are hurting and need hope. We are all fighting battles, but a little love goes a long way.... Check on your people. Ask hard and honest questions. Be a listening ear, and always have open arms. I hope you enjoy our version of this song.”

The original song, "You Will Be Found," was penned by master lyricists Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, the award-winning songwriting/production duo behind acclaimed cinematic blockbusters like “La La Land” and “The Greatest Showman.”


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