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Make the Most of Your Family Day

familydayideas 2023Family Day is a day that is dedicated to spending quality time with our loved ones...and it's coming up on February 20th! Don't forget to take some time this weekend to celebrate and appreciate the special bonds you share with your family members. Read more for some 2023 Family Day ideas and recommendations!


  1. Outdoor activities: Get some fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors with your family! Skate at a local rink (click HERE for a list of the top skating experiences throughout the region), go tobogganing or have a sledding race, go skiing or snowboarding, try snow-shoeing or ice-fishing, or take a winter hike! And don't forget to finish off your day with a cup of hot chocolate. 
  2. Baking and cooking: Cooking and baking are fun activities that the whole family can participate in! Pick a recipe that everyone can help with and enjoy the end result together. Perhaps try a recipe from a different culture, and take some time learning about that culture as you prepare your dish! You can also have a bake-off competition and see who can make the best dessert.
  3. Movie night: Have a cozy movie day/night at home with your family. Choose a movie that everyone will enjoy, make some popcorn and snuggle up on the couch. Here are some of our top movie recommendations.
  4. Board game tournament: Dust off those board games and have a tournament with your family. You can play classic games like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Clue, or try something new. Find LOTS of board game recommendations at Producer Will's YouTube channel, Cardboard Minute
  5. Museum or zoo visit: Spend the day learning about history, science, and nature by visiting a museum or gallery! You can explore the exhibits together and have fun discovering new things. Check out some local museums, and what they're currently offering, HERE!
  6. Volunteer work: Give back to your community by volunteering as a family. You can help at a food bank, a shelter, or participate in a cleanup effort. This is a great way to show your children the importance of giving back and making a positive impact.
  7. Craft or DIY project: Put your creativity to the test, and work together to make something special as a family! Maybe it's a practical item, like a piece of furniture, or maybe it's a simple, fun craft that will forever be tied to a fun day spent as a family.
  8. Call a long-distance relative: It is Family Day, afterall. Break the ice and make (or schedule) a phone call to a relative you haven't spoken to or seen in a while. Who knows, you may just make someone's day and be the encouragement they need to get through something hard.

Happy Family Day, from our family to yours! 

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