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2023 Oscars

image.pngYou may have seen the recently released Oscar nomination list for the 95th Academy Awards coming up on Sunday, March 12th, 2023.

As Christians, we want to ask ourselves, "Are our movies drawing us closer to God?".

The CEO of Pureflix, Michael Scott, was watching TV with his son several years ago when an objectionable scene popped on the screen. He covered his son's eyes, but it was too late. Afterward, his son asked 'Why is it okay for you to watch it and not me?' It made him think: What are we bringing into our minds, and in our ears? Is it drawing us closer to God or further away?"

At the time, Scott was CEO of a Christian film studio – now known as Pinnacle Peak Pictures – that produced faith-based movies such as the God's Not Dead series. Conversations like the one with his son, though, helped spark an idea for a faith-based streaming service. That service became, a Netflix-style product that launched in 2015 and is catered to Christian families.

Pureflix movies are guaranteed to be appropriate to view as a Christian, but not all the movies that cross are screens and make it big in the box office are.

As you watch the Academy Awards this year, consider visiting before picking a new winning movie to watch. Plugged In is a Focus On The Family site that offers in depth movie reviews from a Christian perspective.


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