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Fall Gathering Scavenger Hunts

scavenger hunt

We are on DAY 99 of 99+1 Days Of Summer! Can you believe it?! We hardly can. But don't worry, we still have one more day after this! (the +1 ;)) It's been so great having you join along this campaign. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and were able to find some inspiration this summer! 

Our office administrator, Denise Stevens, has 3 grandchildren and loves having them over to her and Bill's farm each Fall to hangout and do a scavenger hunt. As they've gotten older, the way she formats the hunt has changed. Read more for some ideas to host your own scavenger hunt for your family!


Pirate-themed scavenger hunt: Purchase pirate costumes for the kids, and hide small toys, bracelets, candies, and any other themed-items around the property. Each kid has to go looking, and when all of the items are found, each child gets a goody bag!

Scavenger hunt list: For this scavenger hunt, you give the children a list of things they can find all around the property (such as an acorn, maple leaf, flower, horseshoe, etc.). When they finish collecting all of the items, they also get a goody bag!

For the older children: As they get older, you can give your child a clue, and they have to go find what is hidden in that spot. Then, they have to come back and get another clue from a designated adult, but not before they accomplish a specific task (like getting a beanbag in the hole). After that, they will get another clue, and when they find that item, they have to return to get another clue, again after doing a task (like wrapping an adult in streaming paper). The game can be as long as you'd like!

Ribbon hunt: If you don't have time to pick up items to hide, you can give each child a different coloured ribbon, and then go around and tie ribbons of all the colours to different things around the property (such as a bush, tree, flower, chair, table, etc.). A good number may be 10 ribbons of each colour. Have the children find all 10 ribbons, and once they're done, they get a goody bag! 

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