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Lauren Daigle Gets Candid About Her Struggles with Anxiety

laurendaigle anxietyDuring a Q&A with fans in Knoxville, Tennessee in March, Grammy Award-winner Lauren Daigle opened up about her struggles with anxiety, which often arises unexpectedly. But she's found a way to overcome it.



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Lauren Daigle On The Source Of Perfect Love

The beautiful moment began with a mom submitting a question to Lauren on behalf of her 11-year-old daughter, Gabby.
“She wanted me to ask your advice or what you could tell her how you get through hard times with anxiety that you’re dealing with,” the mother asked.

For some, anxiety is an everyday battle. But all of us face fear and anxiety at some point.
While Lauren doesn’t ordinarily consider herself an anxious person, she’s certainly familiar with the powerful hold fear and anxiety can have when they crop up.
"There are times where I'm like ‘What is happening? This isn't me’,” Lauren Daigle explained.

The two-time Grammy award winner went on to recall how, during a time of anxiety, someone once quoted from 1 John 4:18 to her: “Perfect love casts out all fear.
“I remember listening to that over and over and over again – perfect love casts out all fear," Lauren said.

Next, Lauren Daigle talked to the crowd about our Lord and Savior, the source of perfect love.
"Well, I know someone who loves me beyond my wildest imagination, beyond my wildest dreams. And He has a love that's so rich for me, that He's actually looking out for yesterday, today and tomorrow. And he can see the things that I can't see."


Lauren Daigle’s Advice On Anxiety

The first step to dealing with anxiety is recognizing when it is present. Lauren gave an example of how she recently began crying for no apparent reason.
It took her a minute to figure out what was going on. But then she realized her unexpected outburst was the result of anxiety.

Once she acknowledged anxiety was taking root, singer Lauren Daigle explained the next step is intentionally turning that fear over to God.
"Alright, I have fear here,” she said. “But if I really believe in that perfect love that you have for me, I'm just gonna push fear aside and say that's a lie."
After making the choice to trust in God’s promises, Lauren then invites the Lord to work in her heart.
“Ok God, come and show me what your love looks like right here... right here in this moment.”

Then, Lauren Daigle addressed 11-year-old Gabby and summed up how to use God’s love to fight anxiety.
"So, it might be going to school and facing people that are unkind, but guess what? God saw through every single day. On the other side, it was always available, His love is always available.”

Lauren finished answering the question pointing out how much better God’s plans are than our own.
“He was always looking out for me in places that I couldn't see,” she said. “And so, that's what I focus on, ‘Alright God, your love is better than me trying to control tomorrow or work it out. Your Love is better, and it'll have my back better than I'll have my own’."


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