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It's official, we need to move!

for sale 330Our landlord of 21 years is selling the building we have been calling home since the beginning of CHRI. We don’t have the assurance that our current space or arrangement will be available but we have been praying for the ideal location for several years now.

 As a Christian media and ministry 'hub' in Canada's Capital, we need a space that not only accommodates the high paced day-to-day work of CHRI, but has high- traffic volume that will compete with the high profile of other local radio stations. The unique nature of CHRI's ministry is that people can see the "99.1FM" frequency, tune in (for free) and immediately hear, perhaps for the first time in their life, that God loves them.

Moving a radio station could take months and be very costly so please pray that we can secure the space and the funds in God's perfect timing, and stay tuned for ways you can help us find our 'forever home'.

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