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5 Things Every Healthy Married Couple Remembers

care weddingA listener recently e-mailed me to ask about something I shared on my show last week: "5 Things Every Healthy Married Couple Remembers... at Every Stage".
My husband and I were both in a wedding two weekends ago, we will both be standing in another one in October, AND we’ve been invited to a third this summer (yes, it’s an expensive summer!!).
The listener mentioned she will be attending a wedding and was inspired by what I shared and plans to include it in the wedding card she is giving to the newlyweds.
It's always hard to find the right words to say to a newly married couple. I have only been married 6 years and I already feel like I have so much advice to give! LOL

Here is what I shared:

5 things healthy married couples remember at every stage...
1. They don't let society pull them down
2. They don't ever talk about divorce (don't even plant the idea in your head!)
3. They remember that marriage is not 50/50 ... each should give 100% (*this was the best advice we were given at our wedding)
4. They know that you will both change a lot
5. They start every day with fresh eyes: Trust God and face every day with a newfound sense of hope, a fresh pair of eyes and a desire to love your spouse unconditionally.

No marriage is perfect but I pray yours will be a healthy one!


This is the original article (that I summarized :))

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