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Celebrating Moms This Week!

mothers dayMother's Day is Sunday & l love the idea of celebrating all the different types of Moms God has placed in our lives - grandmothers, aunts, mothers in the faith, and the many women who support us . LifeWay Women has a few ideas for celebrating those who mother—whether they mother you or someone you love. Here are a few ways to honour, celebrate, and love on all your moms this week and beyond.

New Moms
For the new moms you know, provide a meal, call her for grown-up conversation. When you talk with her, ask about her (not just the baby). Offer to watch the baby so she can have a date night, go to the grocery store, or even nap or take a shower.

For grandmothers, gift cards to print photos and cute frames to display them are always a great idea. Consider something like ChatBooks to print Instagram photos to make a book for her. If she lives far away from her grandkids, airline miles or gift cards for gas for visits would be a fun way to say “We miss you!” Of course, homemade gifts from the grandkids would also find a place in her home, too.

Moms of Teenagers
Consider gifting a Bible study for this mom to do with her kids (we have a few suggestions here). These moms are always busy playing taxi with their teens, so something like a cleaning service would be helpful. They want to spend time with their teens before the kids go to college, so any activity that would involve the family spending time together is a cherished gift during this season. Consider a day of fun—hiking or exploring a new part of town.

Airline miles to visit the kids would be put to good use for the empty-nester. Also consider gift cards for date nights now that no sitter is required. She might also love items for her home or yard. Of course, a simple phone call or FaceTime is always appreciated!

Mothers in the Faith
If you have a woman who invests in your spiritual life like a mother, consider giving her a gift this Mother’s Day. Even a simple card to tell her how much she means to you would be a lovely surprise. We love the She Reads Truth Bibles and think they’d make great gifts. A coffee gift card would be a great idea for someone who mentors (and probably grabs coffee with) younger women in the faith, too.

Expectant Moms
For the mom who is celebrating her first Mother’s Day, a card and flowers are a sweet idea to let them know you’re celebrating with them. A small piece of jewelry or a coffee mug that says “Mom” may be her first gift with her new moniker, making it extra special.

We believe aunts deserve some recognition, too. They love your kids fiercely and love babysitting, spoiling, and influencing them. A sweet card or a homemade gift from the kids would be a great present for an aunt. You could also print a photo of your kids with their aunt and have it framed.

Non-Traditional or Second Moms
Many of us have women who are like moms to us. Maybe they don’t share our last names or our DNA, but we love them like they’re family. Consider gifting this mom a card with a handwritten note telling her just how much she means to you. Invite her out to a meal or take her to get her nails done with you. Give her a photo of the two of you printed out in a cute frame. She would love to know you consider her a mom!

Moms Who Lost a Baby
However a mom lost her child, remember her on Mother’s Day. That day is extra tough for someone for whom motherhood represents a loss. Send her a card, some flowers, or even just a text to let her know you are thinking about her, loving her, and praying for her.

We hope every mom feels loved and celebrated on Sunday and every day. What are some ways you have celebrated the moms in your life? What are some ways you’ve been celebrated as a mom?


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