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A Bittersweet End

I'm writing this blog because my heart is full and there is much to unload now that my Anne of Green Gables run with Orpheus Musical Theatre is over.

First of all, a huge THANK YOU to my colleague Ashley House who hosted the Home Stretch show on CHRI every afternoon during the dress rehearsals and show nights. I really wouldn’t have made it to the theatre on time without her!

So far I've had 2 'normal' days since mid-September when rehearsals began, and for the first time in 2 weeks I don't have to put quite as much makeup on, or get ice cream in the face! (pic below! Lol)
But now, the Centrepointe stage is empty, my home is filled with flowers, and my heart is overflowing.

Doing Anne of Green Gables was such an amazing experience. It's not the first musical theatre show I've done, not my first time on that stage, and not my first lead role either, but this show was special.

For 8 nights, I got to share this beautiful and hopeful piece of Canadiana to remind people that it's OK to dream and that you don't have to change who you are to be happy. In 1908, Prince Edward Island-er Lucy Maud Montgomery introduced the world to a young redhead who brought light to a simple town and it was an honour to bring Anne (with an 'e') Shirley back to life!

The cast was one of the strongest and happiest I've ever worked with. I think much of this is owed to the encouraging and optimistic visionary Artistic Team (Joyce Landry, Terry Duncan, Debbie Guilbeault, Jasmine Lee). I also think it's because everyone in the show loves the story - whether they've lived in PEI or grew up reading the books, there was heart and a love of storytelling in each cast member.

This is such an important part of the arts for me... The heart. If there's no heart and no message of hope, then what's the point in putting this much time and energy into something.

So, here are some lessons in theatre (and the arts) I've learned over the years...

- As special as it is to have positive reviews from critics and patrons, it's not about one person; a theatre production is about its many moving parts.
- Do shows you love and that tell a story that means something.
- Audition lots. Don't be afraid of rejection. Nerves always come in to play no matter how many times you've auditioned (if they don't, maybe it's because you don't want it bad enough). It may take years before you feel the directors really saw what you were capable of!
- Put family first. If you can't have your spouse or kids/parents volunteer with you (in the cast, building sets, helping backstage... which is always welcomed) make sure you're not staying out too late after rehearsals and on show nights. My husband is so supportive and would never tell me to spend more time at home, but I've seen enough relationships suffer in the theatre world because family takes the back seat.
A few people asked what show I’ll be doing next now that AGG is over... The answer is NONE! Haha I'll spend as much time as I can at home, catch up on housework, and get ready for Christmas.
- Finally, there is a season for everything… and it's meant to be that way (Ecclesiastes 3).

So, now that this season is over for me, all I can do is take the time to reflect on a what a huge blessing it has been. I can look back and be proud of the people I've met, the encouragement I've received, and the lives I've touched because of Anne of Green Gables.


Anne of Green Gables, never change, We like you just this way.
Anne of Green Gables, sweet and strange, stay as you are today.
Though blossoms fade and friends must part, Old grow the songs we’ve sung.
Anne of Green Gables, in our hearts, You are forever young.

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