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Parent Child Expo: Uniting Families

On October 24th and 25th, I had the opportunity of bringing a Family Fun Team out to the 2015 Ottawa Parent Child Expo. The expo was full of diverse cultures and families all coming together for one apparent reason – family.

All vendors attending were there to help support a healthy family lifestyle whether it is Usborne Publishing which is there to provide good reading material for your kids, or organizations like Gifted with Dyslexia, there to help gifted children that are struggling. Put on by Ottawa Parenting Times, the expo also presented many opportunities for children to meet Nickelodeon’s Dora and Diego, which accounted for multiple priceless reactions.

We as a vendor had the opportunity to provide not just music and the awareness that our city does have a radio station geared toward family, but material to encourage parents through their parental journey. Focus on the Family provided those magazines, along with children’s magazines, and family mealtime conversational topics. Another huge hit was the frozen yogurt cake raffle provided by Menchies Barrhaven/Byward Market.

I really could not think of a better fit for our station to be a part of. We are all about family, the expo was all about family, and every one attending the expo was all about family. Our lives practically revolve around family and the home we were raised in. It all plays a role in our character of who we are today, and inspires how we go about our futures. I think that is why I loved being at the expo so much. No matter what your culture was or where you came from, we were all there for the same reason: for the importance of supporting one another in a strong family foundation.

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