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Parliament Hill Rally for the Persecuted in Iraq

It was great to see such a large crowd out for the Rally this past Saturday in solidarity with Persecuted Iraqi Christians and other Minorities (in the range of 2000 attendees).

The speakers, Christian, Jewish & Muslim leaders, government and opposition MPs, and ordinary Canadians all spoke of one accord of the dire situation in Northern Iraq and the need to provide urgent assistance for the basic needs of the persecuted there, Christians and minorities of all faiths, and to accept these refugees more readily. We have the power to change the situation and must not tolerate this persecution. All spoke of the need for and the power of love to counteract the hatred of the terrorist groups. 

The keynote speaker, Father Niaz Toma, Iraqi Canadian Chaldean Priest, thanked the federal government and Canadians for their support but said we could all do more; he asked the silent majority within the Muslim community to speak out against the evil that is being perpetrated by ISIS and other terrorist groups - acts of inhumanity that go against all sense of justice and human dignity. 

Prayers were said in English, French, Aramaic and Arabic and heartfelt worship was led by the St. Maurice Choir Band. Donations were collected on the spot to provide emergency assistance to the persecuted in Northern Iraq and at least $8,000 (not final count) was raised which will be matched by the Knights of Columbus for a total of $16,000 or more. 

The list of speakers included: Fr. Fadi Atallah, Syrian Christian Priest, Mr. Nick Shallal, Ottawa Restaurateur, on behalf of the Persecuted, Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, Ottawa Catholic Archdiocese (who spoke plus read a statement from Rabbi Ruben Bulka), The Honourable Pierre Poilievre, P.C. M.P., Paul Dewar, MP, NDP Critic for Foreign Affairs, Imam Zijad Delic, South Nepean Muslin Community, Rev. Dr. Anthony Bailey, Parkdale United Church, Carl Hetu, Catholic Near East Welfare Association, Imam Mohamad Jebara, Cordova Centre (by his representative, Mr. Imad Zammar), Debbie Joduin, an Extraordinary Canadian, speaking on behalf of the ordinary Canadian, Father Niaz Toma, Iraqi Canadian Chaldean Priest (keynote guest speaker), Rev. Martin Malina, Evangelical Lutheran Church, and the Co-Chairs of the Organizing Committee Carroll Rees & Keith Bell. 

Videos of the speeches can be found by linking through the Ottawa Archdiocese website ( or by clicking here


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